Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Interim Report from Dearing Review

This report was published on 14th December. There is a recommendation that the earlier languages are introduced, the better. The Languages Ladder as a means of informal assessment at ks2 and ks3 is mentionned, as well as a review of the current GCSE format.
Whilst I am in complete agreement with the introduction of languages at primary level, I am not sure what measure can be taken to ensure a higher uptake at GCSE. Unfortunately the apathy shown towards language learning is just a reflection of the society we live in today. There are many hard-working, motivated students around, but numbers of those who do not wish to learn are on the increase. My experience in secondary comprehensives has shown me that teenagers are reluctant to take responsibility for their own learning, and expect to be spoonfed in lessons. There are relatively few who have a strong work ethic.
I'm not sure what the solution to this might be, but it certainly needs tackling.

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