Monday, April 09, 2007

Twinning Associations

The Scopwick and Kirkby Green Twinning Association has been organising visits to and from Sceaux-sur-Huisne in France for the last 13 years. It is an excellent opportunity to experience live in France, and strong friendships have been forged over the years.
We have just had our annual twinning visit this weekend, which has been hugely successful. It is very heartwarming to see French and English together, communicating in a mix of French, English and gesture. It would be great if more families became involved with their local twinning association - everyone gets so much out of it in terms of confidence, friendship, communication.
We had a trip to Burghley House on the Saturday, with a Race Night in the evening. We then had a morning decorating Easter eggs on Sunday, with a visit to Lincoln in the afternoon, and an evening of games, including a Beetle Drive.
It is our turn to visit our French friends in France next year. If you would like to join us, or for further information, please telephone Rosa on 01526 322292.
Details of other twinning associations in the area can be found here.

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