Monday, August 21, 2006

From humble beginnings

The idea for HS Language Services was born towards the end of 2004. I had been a Secondary School languages teacher for 4 years at this point, and was working at a school in Lincoln, teaching English, French and German.
Two new initiatives were brought in around this time. The first was that all Primary Schools teachers should have 10% of their timetable as Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) time. The second that all Primary School pupils should have an entitlement to a foreign language by 2009.
By August 2005, HS Language Services was up and running, preparing for the new school year, taking languages into Primary Schools. The Secondary School in Lincoln was keeping me on for one morning a week and I was spending afternoons in Primary Schools.
Slowly but surely, the enquiries came for private tuition, and a little translation work. Around GCSE revision time, I had a lot of students and put on the first GCSE Crammer Courses, which were successful despite not being particularly well attended. I entered my first mature students for GCSE and we are awaiting results.
I'm looking forward to the second year trading. Evening classes are starting in September and I have a diverse group of private tutees ahead of me, as well as my work with schools.

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